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Don’t Hack Around: Work from Home Tips- Writing

Publication: The Daily Pioneer 

Date: 26/01/2022

In my previous article on work from home tips, we had read about the various ways one can utilize idle time to improve on reading habits. Today’s article is on the ways one can delve into writing and how to improve writing habits while working from home. If you know or feel that you have a flair for writing, the dark times of Covid-19 appear to be the best time to wake up the Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, or Dan Brown in you to write.

Writing Base: Since the planet has gone virtual, writers often employ online methods to write. The best way to start scribbling is on an MS Word document or Notepad. If it's easy to write online, it's equally easy to delete and edit your emerging thoughts. Even getting grammar and spellcheck is handy when writing on your laptop/computer. If you are not comfortable writing on your personal computer, you can always revert to the age-old method to write on plain paper and then upload your musings on a virtual document. Though time-consuming, many renowned writers and authors actually write submissions in their own handwriting and re-write their notes on a soft copy.

Courses: Before Covid-19 online courses did not find many takers but the pandemic has changed the world upside down. Virtual classrooms have become the order of the day. Leading universities now offer online long and short courses on a variety of subjects to choose from on a nominal fee through education portals. One can opt for writing courses on virtual platforms and learn the various tips on how to improve writing skills.

Reading: Not considered very often, reading the work of other authors and writers subconsciously helps in developing your own distinct writing methodology. The writing styles of other writers help you to understand your own craft better. Reading newspapers and top-notch magazines that offer rich language in their style of writing helps in comprehending the intricacies of the language better. Pick up classic hits of popular authors in fiction or non-fiction and read them thoroughly.

Watching Shows & Films: One does not realize but we subconsciously keep imbibing language, grammar, and words throughout our lives. The explosion of OTT platforms has given us the option to choose and watch global highly rated television shows and films which do employ better use of richer language. These shows could help improve writing skills when one does sit down to write.

Online Tools: Online tools have vastly improved over the development of technology that rate your written work and give ratings on clarity, grammar, spellings, use of phrases, correctness, and tone. Websites with online tools like Thesaurus and Grammarly give powerful suggestions that greatly improve your writing skills, helping you to edit and rewrite.

Discipline: The spirit to keep writing is key to writing. One has to keep writing something on a targeted topic each day. A 400–500-word speed on a daily basis on a chosen subject can help you get into the writing groove. Discipline is vital while lethargy is detrimental to your writing hobby or career.