Don’t Hack Around: Work from Home Tips- Posture

Date: 12th March 2022

Publication: The Daily Pioneer

The last two years of Work from Home (WFH) have given intangible benefits like relaxation, time with family, freedom from traffic and pollution. WFH has taken a toll on our health due to a sedentary lifestyle of sitting fixated on a chair before a dull laptop or computer attending monotonous meetings throughout the day. A number of things must be done to avoid any long-term impact on your health and bustling lifestyle. The most important thing to address is a posture that will minimize the risk associated with sitting in front of monitors for long periods of time. A bad posture for a prolonged time can have serious health complications if continued. Read the following tips on posture to adopt a healthier lifestyle while working from home.

Laptop/Monitor Height: The most important aspect of the right posture is to maintain the monitor height at eye level. The eye has to have the same vision height as the monitor, neither up nor down. In case your monitor does not have height, increase its height with large books which will allow it to reach the level of your eyes. Having direct eye line contact with your screen helps you to sit straight and not slouch.

Back Support: Another aspect of posture is to pad yourself with comfortable back support in your chair. Whether it’s a chair with an arms rest or without, one must use a good pillow to give back support to your spine and back. The back support also helps in not straining your lower back and spine, hence avoiding back pain.

Chair Height: Apart from the monitor height to match your eye level, you can also adjust your chair height (if it's flexible) to adjust your screen and help get a better view. The flexibility of the chair helps you to reach a comfortable eye level for you to discharge your day’s work with ease without strain.

Table Height: Besides adjustments to the height of your screen and chair height, you can also adjust the height of your table on which the laptop or computer rests so that your eyes match the perfect vision catchment of the screen.

Mouse: Keep the mouse (if you use one) of your laptop or computer at a reachable distance without putting too much pressure on the computer accessory. Keeping the mouse further away puts a strain on your hands and will eventually impact your posture.

Feet: While working on the table, your feet must be in a forward position and not cross-legged or backward. They should be pointed forward for a more relaxed posture. Often, we move around our feet carelessly and this may impact your posture while working.

Sleeping on your belly while working: Many people (including me) sometimes sleep on the bed on their bellies and work on their laptops. They cannot be a more serious mistake than this incorrect posture. Not only does this put pressure on your stomach but it also severely hampers your neck, eyes, and head to look down on the screen while working.

Yoga: Above all, if you can do a session of Yoga in the morning before you start your day’s work, it could be helpful in maintaining body health and peace of mind while working. Of course, a bad posture post Yoga can destroy all your hard work!